Thursday, May 29, 2008

Studio Sightings

I thought I'd show you my fancy-dancy studio (re: spare bedroom that happens to have a desk in it). I'm traveling to a retreat later in June and these are the goodie-bag gifts I'm bringing to the other girls. I wrapped vintage and new trims around shipping tags. Some of the tags came pink, others I used Glimmer Mists to colour. Added things like posies, buttons, journal labels. Each set is based on one or more of their favorite colors. I will package them with crepe rosette's that are inspired by Kris Hurst's work (I have spent literally hours going over her blog posts). I hope to show you the finished packages later, but I need more colour ink to print out some collage elements for the rosette centers.

Here are just the tag elements

And this is my favorite stash-away for ribbons, glitters, buttons, and my purchased tag sets from Marilyn Healey's etsy shop.
Her's smell better.

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Karin said...

Hi Jen! Welcome to the Blog world! Thanks so much for stopping by will love it out her in much inspiration!