Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer UnVacation

Now that the royal heirs to our throne are celebrating their freedom from all things scholastic, the King and Queen (dearest husband and myself) have been finding ourselves dropping into bed almost the same time of the late evening as they do. (Cause those dishes don't wash themselves). Which, of course, does not leave much time for creating. Still, I'll try to keep a few things new things in the shoppe, and share pictures when I can. I did order some pretty new ribbons and laces to dye, and some new types of dyes that may be more colorfast. Also experimenting with ribbons flowers I hope to show off soon.

I did enjoy dyeing a few silks and velvets for the shoppe- hope to make these a permanent fixture in my creativity. Actually, I will dunk anything that is not moving into a dye bath just to experiment lately. Will show off what I find out!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Riot of Ribbons

It is so much fun photographing the new silk ribbons, they take to the camera more easily than the seam bindings. I really tried to experiment with color mixing for Pears, Raspberries, and Bluebirds set. The aqua is a single color, but the green and pink required two colors, and the yellow was dyed then partially re-dipped into brown to give that just ripe pear color. I didn't twist them because I think they may set the wrinkles more quickly than the rayons. And though I didn't intend it, the colors match surprisingly well with Basic Grey's Urban Prairie line. Hmm, maybe I should save myself a set.
I also wanted to do a deeper colored Patriotic set, below is the new Betsy Ross set, also silk.

This photo snuck out of order....

Lastly, wanted to share a photo of a custom order I did for a dear who wanted aqua/light blues. Near the front are silks, in back are a few seam bindings.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Sugared Songbirds

Just wanted to give a little peep about a new item in Heidi's etsy shop. She and I had exchanged a few crepes and ribbons earlier this year, and she sent along a few of her Sugar Peeps, which the Crown Princess immediately stole. But how could I resist these sweeties, something with my name all over it?

Don't forget to check out her crepe ruffles and her hand-dyed doves, too pretty!