Thursday, July 24, 2008

Never too Early for Halloween

I've always been attracted to the romantic vintage images of Halloween. That's why I'm so excited to be a part of Kari Ranstom's (better known as ArtsyMama) Sweet and Sinister blog. She has a great team of artists lined up to inspire us for three whole months! I was a bit too late to join the swap, but I look forward to the giveaways, tutorials, and pretty eye candy it's sure to bring!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sprinkles Cover All Manner of Faults

There is a reason I buy my children's birthday cakes. I knew there was. I've been so inspired by the beautiful cupcake images and tasty treats posted by other bloggers and etsy sellers. So I broke down and bought a cupcake book (Crazy About Cupcakes). And went about baking the golden cupcake recipe for my son's third birthday. He picked out the Cars cupcake wrappers himself. Note to future cupcake bakers- the wrappers either stick permanently to the cupcakes or they wouldn't stay in shape and fell off the sides after baking. The recipe said would make 18 to 24 cupcakes. My 27 cupcakes were overflowing the pan and stuck to the top of it. Even with the cup only 2/3s full.
I thought for sure that the chocolate buttercream frosting I made the next day would hide the crumbly (yet very moist) cupcakes. Um, no, not really, they just spread the crumbs further.
But somehow the sprinkles covered up all the cupcake injustices of the world and they were still devoured at the party.
At least they tasted good. I would just use regular paper liners and maybe fill the cup only half-way next time.

Thought I'd post another little pretty from my studio. Fun inspiration for me while I work. Big puffy handmade millinery and bag of glass glitter stars by Marilyn . Hot pink sugar bloom and little beige silk posie by Tara . Book page rosette and crepe rosette by me. Pink shoe was a favourite etsy purchase as well.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Patriotic Panache

Happy Belated July 4th! Our power was out from Wednesday til about noon today, so I am behind in posting. Still wanted to share some of my Americana vignettes.
This lovely party hat came from a kit at Peacoats and Partyhats. I love Candice's kits, they are highly doable, and still give the opportunity to add your own creativity. I've done a few of her others, including the birthday banner hanging in my living room right now awaiting my son's upcoming birthday party. She has the most delicious things in her shop, and will soon be organizing her first swap. I've done many a scrapbook swap, and secret sisters type swaps, but have yet to try a blog swap. They always look like fun! Candice is also putting together a Marie Antoinette soiree (swoon), but living as far as I do, I can just hope they post lots of beautiful eye candy of the party afterwards. Here is my favorite American Girl doll (Kit) wearing her patriotic outfit from my friend Debbie (her work is well recognized on ebay). She's looking upon a Dee Foust crown and a pair of tiny cat sisters.
Aren't they the most adorable pair of stinkers? This is the first set I've received from Crystal. They won't be my last- the work is amazingly detailed. Her seasonal work is my favorite, and I'm hoping to add a Halloween set this upcoming autumn.