Saturday, January 31, 2009

Round Flower tutorial

I had posted this pink posy earlier on Scrapshare, and now I'm delighted to present my first blog tutorial! Materials need: two or three different papers (I used scrapping papers here- use what you love!), leaves (with or without wire), paper flower, brad, stamen (the white thingies with the pearly ends), glitter, glue. Circle cutter and paper piercing tools also.

Start by cutting three different size circles. Mine are 3, 2&1/2, and 2 inches.

Next, roll up the sides with your fingers (what, you didn't really think I had wings, did you?). This will be very uneven. If you don't like the rolled look, you could also tear very near the edge to give the circle some texture, or do nothing at all!

Here are all my circles rolled up.

Layer the circles, largest to smallest, and use your piercing tool (or a needle) to puncture the center.

Push the brad through the paper flower, then through all the circles. You may want to loosely fold back the brad ends to help the flower lay flat while you apply the glitter. Don't press them all the way yet.

Using whatever technique you prefer, apply glue to the rolled up portions of the circles (here I chose only to do the smallest and largest circles) and to the paper flower. Then sprinkle on your glitter! (or use Stickles)

Lastly, slightly lift a petal of the paper flower and put on a dollop of glue. Slide your stamen under the petal, and under the brad (this is why you left it a bit loose). Then tighten the brad completely. You could also do this step before you glitter, if you also want to apply the glitter to the stamen.

Depending on what type of leaf you are using, apply to the backside of the posy. On my pink posy I used a wired millinery leaf, wrapping the wires around the brad shank to hold it on. For the yellow flower, I simply used glue dots to apply the leafs (from Prima)

Voila! Use your pretty creation in your scrapbooks, collage works, home decor, and enjoy!


Esculturas ARTSMARQUES said...

Belos trabalhos.Parabéns

Recycled Rita said...

Cute tutorial! I enjoyed your blog! Found you from the Year of Color.... I'll be back! karen...

Lita said...

Brilliant! These are so easy to follow - can't wait to give it a try! Hoping we get tutes for the others too! :D

ArtsyMama said...

Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing. I love it:)
So cute.


Cottage In The Sun said...

That's so cute! And your instructions are perfect!

Star's Fault said...

Hi ~ Stopping by from your link on Year of Color blog. Wonderful poseys! Thanks for the tutorial!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault