Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to Business as Usual

After spending a week doing some custom orders, my fingers have been itching to get back to ribbons, especially the new silk! I have had some good (and not so good) results with it. Stripes need some refiguring, and some colors set differently, but otherwise it is very similar to the results I've seen with the rayon seam binding. I hope to have some of these lovelies listed tomorrow:
Time Travels in the Garden Silk Ribbons. Purposefully dyed very pale, as if in a misty memory.
This one is in seam binding: Hula Hoop. I photographed these before I ironed them, they will be displayed/sold smooth.

And an idea I'm still tossing around: Fairytale tags.

For these I collaged an assortment of vintage book papers onto one large piece of cardstock then cut it down into 4x6 tags. Mostly fairytales, some dictionary. So glad I switched decoupage mediums, Golden's soft gel is simply heaven to use!
We'll see what shows up in the store tomorrow!


Lita said...

Lush lush lush! Ooh I need to get ordering!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Oh, boy, these are something irresistable! You did it, you scattered joy;) Blessings and light, Amy