Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Technical Difficulties

What do you get when you add a do-it-yourself-non-techie husband with an infected hard drive? A computer that has been physically removed from my home so that it can be tested at his workplace (where the true techies are) since the beginning of April.

Ugh- I've had no access to documents, downloads, major software, photos and applications for over 5 weeks. I even purchased a new iTouch to replace the iTunes that crashed last November and can't do a thing with it! At least DH has finally admitted defeat (if I hear "just let me try one more thing" one more time I will scream!) and is listening to the so-called techies advice to just reinstall the hard drive.

So, hopefully I will be back in business soon!

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Kris said...

I have missed your updates. Hope things get cleared up soon. But at least you are plugged in for now. I am taking a big break from the computer as May is in full swing with so much to do with the girls. Plus, I put myself on a - finish it, or donate it - challenge. Let's see how far that goes! Hope you are into a good spring, Kris