Monday, February 9, 2009

Bombay Flower Tutorial

My first tutorial was very enjoyable, so I'm adding another. This one I call Bombay Flower after the first one I made with it's pretty feathers. Supplies needed: Pretty papers (double sided is nice), adhesive, circle cutters for cutting and tracing, pencil, paper punch, embellishments (I'm using a white flower, green leaves, bit of chalk)

First cut a five inch circle.

Next, trace a 1&1/2 ince circle in the center, this can be drawn on either side of the paper. Here I drew it on the outside, which will then show in the back. On the pink flower I drew it on the back side and it became glued over (probably the better choice).

Cut into your circle only up to the pencil line, tring to keep the "petals" the same width from outside to center.

Turn paper so you are looking at the "inside" of the flower. Placing glue on the pencil line (or just inside the cuts) start to bring the outside of the strips to the line and adhere down. I found it easier to do every other to start with.

Glue remaining strips down.

Punch a coordinating sheet of paper for the center- I chalked mine up a bit.

Using your fingers, press the outside of the petals lightly to "fluff" them up a bit.

Add your embellishments! On the pink I coated the center with glitter, a few buttons, and feathers (they can be ironed if they have too much curl!) . Try layered papers, buttons, felt or whatever is your favorite!

Thanks for letting me share!


Kendra said...

This is very pretty Jen! Do you think it would work to turn every other petal the opposite way so you can really see both sides of the double sided paper?

Cottage In The Sun said...

Oh, that's super cute! I'm going to have to make some flowers!