Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blog Neglection

Is that a word? I've been off in the "real world" and have stopped here for a bit of respite. I have no great agenda for this post except to share a bit more of myself, and share a few bits of pretties.

Outside of my bird-brained blog and etsy works I am a pharmacist for a Midwest supermarket chain. At the beginning of this month we changed our prescription filling software to a new-to-the-market system created by our medication supplier. The combination of a beta-test system by a company not known for their computer skills and the fact that one of my partners had taken vacation has been the stress-monkey on my back for the past few weeks. Even with my partner back this week, the software is creating a high level of burnout by the myself and the entire company's pharmacists and technicians. (I even had one of my own techs seek medical attention for the anxiety!). It is in all of this I have to remind myself that my God has a plan for me, though I do not know it at this time. His grace is sufficient.
My life in a nutshell, and I am very blessed that my dearest husband and children still see fit to let me come home at night and drop into bed.

Onto the pretties: Peacock feather ribbons

Strawberry fields Sugar kit, already sold.

and the prettiest combination I can't believe fell into place, Lilac and Buttercream Sugar Twist.

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Lita said...

Oh I love that Sugar Kit!! PLEASE tell me you'll be creating more! Earthtones or frnech blue...ooh the mind boggles!