Monday, March 30, 2009

Go Make Art

There are so many lovely colors in the world's paintbox! While I enjoy a particular few (red, pink, robins egg blue!) as my go-to colors, I really do love them all. I have always had a deep relationship with colors, from my first crayon box to my many dyes. I associate many objects, ideas, feelings in my mind with their own color.
Magnolia and Marmalade
I am constantly running into color inspirations for my many projects. Sources are so varied, so I must keep my mind and eyes tuned to what falls into my path. For instance, Magnolia and Marmalade came from a lovely word association. My sweet daughter Carmen was telling the family a story of her stuffed poodle- Magnolia. Later that day I read about the store Marmalade in Stampington's Where Women Create magazine. Magnolia, Marmalade. Those words just BELONG together. They must be created with, side by side. I am almost feverish when it comes to an idea that needs to be created, sometimes dyeing several lengths of ribbon before I get what I am sure is the look I desire.
Easter Eggs Vintage Swiss Bird's Nests
inspired by the beautiful colors of spring

Magnolia and Marmalade ribbons in a pretty jar.

Hydrangea and Rose ribbons
inspired by watercolorist Marjolein Bastin
I love examining other artist's work- Marjolein Bastin (of Hallmark fame) uses the most beautiful combinations of colors for her works. I also enjoy Cicely Mary Barker (Flower Fairies). Nature itself can be most inspiring. I also love creating colors based on foods (what does cotton candy, circus peanuts, cherry bombs, mint chocolate chip ice cream make you think of?).
Magazines, catalogs, and other photographs are great sources as well. I love the children's catalog "Chasing Fireflys" with their pretty boutique clothing- lovely texture, as well. And check out Wedding Chicks ! Wedding photography is just teeming with gorgeous color combinations just waiting for the artist to lift onto their palette.
What inspires you?


kathy said...

OH my goodness !! I received my banner -- OH TOO TOO Beautiful
Just what I wanted -- the colors --OH la la !! and I too took teresa's class - but never made the valentine ones -- these are too beautiful -- Gotta take pics for my blog -- If blurry will use yours if that is ok -- HOpe you like you goodies ! I am going to work on my nest area -- I have an old bookcase that is that color -- and I do it up seasonally -- BUt his will be the first nest one !!
Kathy - ga

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

What gorgeous treats! Those little nests are absolutely adorable!!!

Heidi ~ Inspired Nest said...

hello friend! lovely marmalade colors, reminds me of my dad who loves marmalade jam!

i am loving my absolutely fabulour rose and hydrangea dyed ribbons!

thanks again~
xo heidi

kslaughter said...

Hi Jen,
So glad I followed the link from your etsy store to your blog! This one is definitely going to be on my weekly check list ; ). Everything you do is just gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you do next~~

Lita said...

More divine goodness! You are so talented Jen - love it all!