Monday, April 6, 2009

Of Cabbages and Queens, Tutorials and Crepes

Ah, lovely spring break. While it's nice not running the three small humans around to various school activities and appointments, I wonder what I'll actually be able to accomplish with them all home!
One thing I did do with the Crown Princess (my oldest daughter Dana) was to make clay buttons from Ranjini's tutorial over on the Year of Color blog. Very fun and unique buttons and charms! Here they are, still drying on the paint tray. Speaking of tutorials, I myself was fortunate enough to share one of my own for Year of Color (it's still not too late to join!-Hurry if you want to participate in the giveaway. Check out Artsymama's blog for details)

The fabulously shabby nests and blossoms tutorial went up last night.

Since April's theme is polka dot, I had to sneak a few in there. Somehow I did forget to leave this pretty photo out.

Also going up sometime today in my shop will be a few more hand-dyed crepes.

Enjoy your spring, we are expecting snow by Wednesday!

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Cottage In The Sun said...

Love so buttons!! Your blog photos are always so pretty!