Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It runs in the family

I have the worst time keeping the short people away from my art supplies, especially the Crown Princess. Finally, Easter eggs gives them a chance to prove their own artistry with a bright palette. (Although smart Mums know to put down the newspaper first)Rule #1. Only Mom can put her fingers in the dye.
Rule #2. Lightening McQueen does not need a dye job.
Rule #3. Neither do Littlest Pet Shop animals.

Rule #4. Use only your best cups for dye pots.
Waiting her turn for the egg pencil, the Princess Royale has chosen her own ensemble for the occasion.

Rule #5. The egg pencil does write visibly on paper.

The Crown Princess is pleased with her created pieces. Can we keep them forever Mom?

Alas, she was clever enough to realize that the egg pencil (clear wax) could create even more art by writing then covering with watercolors, which she shared with our visitors on Easter. And I share them with you! Hope yours was the best!

Finally, I leave you with a little tease of an upcoming crepe for the etsy shoppe.

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