Monday, April 6, 2009

Garland Swap Sweet Surprises

I love getting mail, especially when it is full of sweet surprises. Last week I received a pleasant package containing so many pretty pieces it made me feel like Marie Antoinette. My Garland Swap partner, Kathy of Country Chintz, loaded my box with all sorts of stunning little (and big!) pieces of her art. First, my pretty garland, loaded with pink, spring, and chunky clear glitter, just the spring pick up we need! Next, a small spring collage I hung on my old pie safe in the dining area.

Here I combined several of my etsy finds (twinklehill's bird cage and janiedmatterns pretty bird shadowbox) with Kathy's framed cloth collage.

Kathy also made me a shadowbox (and I wondered why the box was so heavy!). Here I displayed it with some French books, a tag by Brandywine, and other favorites. Please excuse the dust on the dresser. I have more important things to do, like paint.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kathy!
Also in the mail today, a few more surprises. Eileen of Star's Fault had a sweet giveaway in March for one of her pretty journals. Although I didn't win the journal, she was ever so kind to send ALL participant a sweet little handmade card/notebook just right for inspiring even more artistic works. I'm not sure if I want you jaunting off to her blog just yet, you might not come back! ;) Eileen's art is ever inundated with help from her three furry felines, so I wanted to share a photo of her booklet being enjoyed by MY little (?-he's really quite big for a cat) kitty, Barnum.

Another nice package for me (save for what the Crown Princess and Princess Royale run off with). This heady package had me before I even opened it. What could be in the pretty box?

Why, beguiling scents from etsy's Haunt. Oh, I had to stop myself from running right off and ordering a few more. Or did I? Normally I am NOT a lavendar fan, but the pumpkin part of the soap bar had me intrigued. It is heaven! Erin also sent little samples of her roma (orangey) and raspberry honey soaps. I also fell under the spell of her Lust lipbalms- two made it here (yes, I kept them from the Princesses)- sweet cream and violet!

Here's hoping something in your mail makes you smile, too!

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Honey Bend Vintage said...

Enjoyed your blog, very pretty. Your cat is very sweet~