Friday, October 16, 2009

My new toys

Brand new lines of Martha at the big M's. LOTS of new glitter sets, just waiting to be collected and sprinkled. My must-take-home set for the day is her Vintage Leaf Glitter. It's a flat chunky glitter, similar to gold leafing, but in ever so many sparkly colors! I also like the new packaging with the molded trays that the tubes lie in, easier to pull out without the others all rolling around.
I'll go back next week for some of the tinsel glitter (I got the Christmas set of that last year) or the new irradescent colors. She also has flocking sets and microbead sets (and lots of new punches).
Just thought you might need some enabling inspiring.

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Suz said...

And it is 25% off this week...

Silver Bella Freshman