Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Something to Crow About!

One of the most anticipated exchanges of the year is ArtsyMama's Sweet & Sinister Swap. Our swap suggestions for this year included something sweet, something sinister, something handmade, a home decor item, and something thrifted. Mostly black & white, with just a smattering of orange. Now, I was so excited to get my package to my partner Candice Carpenter of Peacoats & PartyHats that I neglected to take pictures of what I sent out, so I made sure to share all of the black and white deliciousness of my received box here. This is only the first layer, a spooky handmade card and two black roses on white shred. Everything was wrapped in black tulle. Upon removing the first layer, I discoverd many tissue wrapped parcels amongst other treats- the lolli is from a new line I've admired "skelanimals". The beribboned box holds even more surprises...

The second layer: a white pumpkin, autumny candle, black&white purse filled with Reese's. Well, it WAS filled with Reese's. Black cat and halloween ornaments. The black and white striped bowl is JUST perfect for this stripe-loving person!

It took awhile to get everything unwrapped, but here is the main photo of everything, also including some Bethany Lowe Halloween tissue banners, and a homemade banner by Candice herself-very dimensional with those white yarn poms!

I waited and opened the candybox last- little things are too fun, and this was no dissappointment- cupcake picks, mica and super chunky glitter, velvet flowers, ribbon, Halloween rings, bingo cards, even the dried baby's breath lent an autumny scent to the box.

Yes, this year's swap is definitely something to crow about!


Sue said...

Wow! What a great box of goodies! That banner your partner made was featured on the year in color blog this week - it's just so cool! I love seeing what everyone has come up with. Such amazing creativity.

This really is the most fun swap!

Sue E.

Candice Carpenter said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you love your goodies. You deserve every one of them. Can't wait to brag about your package!! I love every bit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen ~ Aren't swaps wonderful? Such great surprises and generousity, and I just love how items are wrapped and presented. That's a big part of the fun....!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Laurie said...

Wow - what an amazing swap -- your partner is so sweet!