Friday, July 24, 2009

Madness&Mayhem, and Harvest Moon

I was inspired to do two major ribbon sets for Halloween. The third happened by accident, but a very happy accident as I believe it will lead to even more in the future. Harvest Moon is an altered seam binding ribbon set, with colors reminiscent of ghosts, pumpkins, golden moons, and eerie black nights. This particular set I will continue to make through the season.
Madness is entirely black and white, with hand painted velvets and laces, marbled silk and semi-striped seam binding.

Mayhem uses the most basic of Halloween pallettes, with two striped seam bindings, a bicolored marbled silk, a dipped black-edged ruffle ribbon, and a velvet ricrac dyed to look like orange tarantula legs.

Madness & Mayhem will be very limited. I will list these when I have a chance, but the shoppe will be closed a few days next week for vacation, so it may not be til after that. Bonjour!


Theresa said...

These are all so fabulous Jen! I love them!! Not ready to give up summer yet but these are way cool and make the approach of fall not so bad. :)

Lita said...

Ooh I need the Madness set - TWILIGHT!! Have to have them! Be sure & save a set for me *winkwink*

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Just dropping by to say Hi!
I am visiting all of the Bella's blogs and getting to know you!
I am enjoying my visit to your blog very much! Your colors for these ribbon sets are so lovely and enchanting. I think I am already under their spell ~ I will need to get some of these!!!
Many Blessings,

cindy said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! Happy Accident that is wicked cool! And love the description and tag to go along with...simply delightful! I'm going to order now! :D

yapping cat