Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bella Social Events

Being a Bella is more than just crafty goodness and shopping, we loved meeting each other in various venues. Here I am with my roomies Kris and Sue Our first gathering was and Italian Buffet on Thursday evening. We tried spotting our favorite paper arts bloggers

Swap night was a very hyped (hyper?) social outlet. Glitter and Sugar giving everyone the giggles, and lots of eye candy in the form of supply and art exchanges.

I knew there were a number of people I wanted to meet (bloggers that I've posted comments with, shop owners, and great teachers). I found many of them on vendor night, including the sweet Jenni Bowlin (and thanks to her hubbie Jared for shooting the photo!)

Vendor night was where we all wore our Bella theme aprons, too. I almost missed getting a photo of mine, a perky sheer hostess apron found at Second Chance Antiques (next blog post). Black with metallic gold dots and velvet sash!

Another large luncheon, with centerpieces by Cari Kraft, and carrot cake and red velvet cake for dessert!

Even more photos to come!

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