Monday, November 30, 2009

Lineage of Love with Pam Garrison

Lineage of Love was actually my first class at Silver Bella. I'll admit I swum against the tide of everyone else's use of cabinet cards and other antique photos by using contemporary photos of my family from last Christmas. Although I love the beauty of old photos and fashions, I knew I would appreciate more an assemblage that contained my family. That and if I messed things up it wouldn't cost too much to replace these photos. I wasn't able to complete this project in class, so I was able to add some Christmas tidbits that I picked up recently, and pretty tinsels and more ribbons.

I currently have the finished piece resting on one of our living room bookcases.

Here is our fabulous teacher, Pam Garrison, with a student who wired a very large banner.

There were a number of very unique banners, some showing a baby aging through adulthood, some with themed photos (costume, Christmas). You easily see individual style coming out in the projects. Thanks Pam!


parasols and maryjanes said...

This looks great- so glad to see it completed. I was in that class and have not finished my yet, - but now am inspired to do so. I do love it with the current pictures. I am planning on one with my grandkids. I hope to do several. This is a great idea.

SherryRoseBella said...

Your banner is so wonderful! I really wish I had been able to take that class. It was my 1st year at SB & I loved Vendor's night & taking the classes. I am trying to visit eveyone's blogs that were listed on the SB yahoo group.
Take care!

Andrea Singarella said...

I love that you used family pictures in this project. That makes it so special and meaningful! It turned out beautifully!
Thank you for your comment of support. :)