Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hodge Podge Journal with Rebecca Sower

My first class Saturday morning was the Hodge Podge Journal with the sweet and down to earth Rebecca Sower. She led us through papering our covers, building the collage and hardware, with interesting details such as the cheesecloth sandwich. We used her vintage 2 hole punch for the covers and the papers inside. Rebecca gave us much of the papers inside, including the nice weight watercolor papers. We were able to add any of our favorite papers to her provisions. I love the vintage bingo card from my roomie Sue
Odd bits are what makes the hodge podge quite unique.

I try to remind the girls I teach that there aren't any mistakes in art, just opportunities for being creative. I had punched the wrong end of my back cover. Now I have a cute bit of lace on that end!

I was able to finish most of this in class (I only had to add the ribbons to the rings when I got home). I plan on using this piece for an art journal. Thanks Rebecca!


Lita said...

This is absolutely stunning! I so miss my paper scrapping adn altered art. I need to kick back into gear!

Laurie said...

Oh how lovely! I can tell you had a good time making that!

luthien said...

that is an absolutely beautiful journal!! i was browsing on google and the image caught my eye :)