Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fab Shab Blossom in Artful Blogging

Only one more day until I hop aboard the train that'll whisk me away to the fabulous Silver Bella retreat. Aside from the fact my iPod will not cooperate with being charged and synced I seem to be fairly ready. I made a last minute run to the big M's last night to gather a few more supplies. I always love to check out their magazine selection, Stampington's lines being my favorites. I picked up the latest Artful Blogging because I knew Kari Ramstrom had written an article on her a Year of Color blog.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear... My photo, done for the fabulously shabby blossoms/nests tutorial on the blog, on the bottom of the title page!

My jaw hit the floor when I saw that, but the other shoppers at M's didn't seem to know that the whole world had stopped for a minute. Aren't they silly?


Frippery said...

How exciting! I fly out tomorrow morning. See you in Omaha!

Nadya 's World!!! said...

That is so exciting!!! Congratulations!!!! :) Have fun at your retreat!! :)

Sue said...

Congrats! That is totally cool. I hope you are bringing that magazine with you so your roomies can check out your fame! Have a safe trip tomorrow. See you at the train station at dark thirty :)

Sue E.

Theresa said...

But of course! You are so uber fabulously talented Jen. Congrats.