Monday, November 23, 2009

What Jo Creates

At Silver Bella's Saturday afternoon's luncheon we had the most amazing opportunity to hear Jo Packham of Where Women Create speak. I have loved WWC from the book and have it and all the magazines, discovering many favorite artists from within them. Jo gave us many insiteful tips on submitting to the magazine, and also a heartfelt speech about the insecurities of well known people such as herself. (If you have the chance to meet this amazing woman, be sure to take the opportunity to introduce yourself!)

On our plates before the luncheon was served we found these simply wrapped boxes. All of us (at about 200 ladies)! Miss Sweet Jo herself had created each and every one of us a beaded bookmark, the key is engraved with WWCreate, with an inspiring message inside the box. MAY YOU ALWAYS FIND NEW DREAMS TO CALL YOUR OWN, NEW ROADS TO TRAVEL, NEW DOORS TO UNLOCK.... All that I do is created From a Woman's Soul, Through a Woman's Eyes, By a Woman's Hands.
Jo Packham

I found it amazing that she had taken the time to create so many of these from her heart to women that for the most part, she did not know. I am touched by her generosity. Thank you so much Jo! (And my bookmark has already made it through the pages of one book, now residing briefly in a second, soon to enter the latest issue of Where Women Create!)

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Anonymous said...

You are so very sweet and so gracious. It was my honor to be a small part of all that is creative to you.

Silver Bella was a fabulous experience - meeting some of you is exactly why I LOVE this job.

I am so happy you are enjoying the bookmark I really do not consider myself a person who makes beautiful handmade items so the fact you like it is a very big deal to me.

Happy Holidays
Much love